Difference Challenges of Joining Social Casinos

With fantastic benefits of the Internet to online casinos, casino operators are also branching out on social media through social casinos. Social casinos are an offshoot category of online gambling. Instead of winning real money and overcoming the house edge, social casino players unlock games, fulfill achievements, and increase their levels.

Playing at a social casino is just like any other online game. You can register for free through your social media account. After signing up, you can access all-time favorite casino games like slots, roulette, and blackjack.

If you think social casino apps are free-of-charge, think again. In the beginning, the app will give you several chips to play for free. Once those chips run out, you have to buy chips through in-app purchases for a minimum fee. If you refuse to spend your hard-earned money, you can still level up without making purchases, although it will take a long time.

While social casinos can be just as fun as real money casinos, there are still drawbacks in terms of overall features. Continue reading below to know the different challenges at social casinos.

Social Casinos Lack Gaming Selections and Opportunities

If you've been around real money online casinos, you may be aware that these platforms offer hundreds and thousands of game selections from slots, roulette, blackjack, lottery, poker, and more. Playing at social casinos may be disappointing if you want a vast array of casino games.

Additionally, the game quality of social casinos may not be as good as online casinos. Since most real money casino sites work with leading game providers, you can be sure that all their games are top-notch. While real money and social casinos offer good games, real money casinos have more casino game selections.

Social Casinos Games Are Not Always Free-of-Charge

For social casinos to make a profit, they need to convince players to make in-app purchases. You may encounter countless ads telling you to unlock new levels and buy more chips. To succeed and compete in social casinos, you have to avail of in-app purchases to access more games. 

Young Adolescents Are Prone to Gambling Problems

Compared to real money casinos that operate under gambling regulations with certain age limits, social casinos are available to a broad spectrum of Internet users.

At first glance, social casinos may sound harmless since there is no real money involved. However, it can still expose young adolescents to real gambling as they can always access social casinos for free, and they are very addicting. If they play social casino games, they will eventually seek out real money online gambling.

Overall, social casinos can be an excellent alternative if you don't want to waste your cash at real money casino sites. However, since these sites operate without gaming regulations, social casinos can prey on young players by getting them addicted.

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