Differences of Asian Slot Machines From Western-Themed Slots

If you are a big fan of slot machines, you are pretty much aware that this type of casino game has an overwhelming number of features. From Hollywood films, wild animals, mermaids, adventure, to cartoon characters, name it, and they have it.

One of the most recurring slot themes is Asian-inspired slots. Those who have been around online and land-based casinos, there are thousands of slot machines with an Asian culture theme. Generally, Asian-themed slots make up 5% to 25% of a casino's game collection.

As much as game providers change the overall look of Asian slot games, many still possess similar features and concepts. Most of them include dragons, zodiac signs, the color red, lucky number 8, and the good old Asian sound effects and music.

As entertaining as it may sound, it raises the question of how Asian-themed slot machines differ from their Western counterparts. Keep reading to discover why Asian-themed slots dominate the casino industry.

Typical Asian Colors of Red and Gold in Slot Machines

The color red is the predominant color of every Asian-themed slot. It is for the reason that color red represents good luck in some Asian countries.

Another color that represents good fortune in Asian culture is gold. Many Asian slots use gold coins to represent the wild symbol. It also appears as the gold outlines of slot machines.

As most of us know, the combination of red and gold color schemes is common among Chinese cultural artifacts, including homes and temples.

Popular Chinese Icons and Symbols in Slot Machines

Some of you may notice that Asian-themed slots tend to overuse oriental icons and symbols on slot machines. Most of these standard features include fortune cookies, rooster, tiger, jade dragon, firecrackers, Chinese lanterns, and more. You may also be surprised that there are hidden luck and meanings incorporated into these symbols.

Overuse of Asian or Chinese Culture Themes on Slots

Many casino game providers these days tend to use Asian or Chinese themes on slot machines. Some of them vary from legendary Chinese icons, New Year's celebration, animated Chinese zodiac animals, koi fishes and ponds, beautiful Chinese princesses, and adorable-looking Asian children.

Out of all these recurring Chinese themes, the dragon is widely-used. Asian slot machines usually feature vicious-looking dragons with colorful scales. They often appear as scatter or wild symbols in slot reels.

Asian or Oriental-Inspired Sound Effects and Music

An Asian-themed slot experience will never be complete without oriental-inspired music as accompaniment.

If you try slot games with a Japanese Koi theme like Koi Deluxe or Rising Koi, you will notice that most of them have laid-back background music. It may sound different from racing-themed slot games with an accompanying loud and rock n' roll sound effects.

In the end, casino operators use Asian-themed slot machines to attract Asian tourists. Since gambling plays an essential role in Asian culture, using cultural symbols, color schemes, and music can immediately draw in casino players, primarily Asian gamblers. With this, you may expect that there will be more Asian casino games coming in the future.

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