The game of Annihilator is played in slot machine casinos online. In mathematics, the annihilator or of a finite subset X of a finite field over a finite slice of a plane is the optimal shaped by the geometric elements of the slice which always give the same zero if multiplied by another element of S. That is to say, if we group the slices of a plane into two halves and place them on a x-axis, then each slice will form the optimal subset of the second half on the x-axis. Thus, each slice will be the solution to the next operation if we take each slice as the x-axis. In mathematics, the value of each slice is the set of zeros times the area between them on the x-axis. We call this the slice of the plane.

The Annihilator game is a game of strategy, because the player must know the value of each slice of the plane. This is not all that difficult since there are many answers to the question of what is the area of the slice on the plane. We can find the value of each slice by evaluating the solutions to the equations:

If the solution to the equation is a whole number, the answers of the other equations are not essential. For instance, if the solution to the equation ax*x+b+c=0, we write: ax*x=0, b*a=c, c*x=b and so on. We now have the set of all possible solutions for the given set of angles. If we group the slices together and take their solutions, then we can define the optimal subset of the plane as the set of all possible angles formed by the given slices. Thus, each slice is equivalent to an optimal subset of the Annihilator. We write: