Charlie chance in hell to pay


Charlie Chance In Hell to Pay is a single slot from Play’N GO slot machine that has 3 reels, and a 6 666x jackpot. It was developed by Big Fish Games, Incorporated – who are the makers of the popular video slot machine Video Poker: Anniversary Edition. This casino game is similar to the video poker from VGP; however, it has been rebuilt to run on the newer Play’N Go system, and is now known as Charlie Chance In Hell To Pay.

To play this casino game you need to know that you are going to be dealing with regular symbols on the playing field. You will also notice a number of scatter features on the playing field – each of which is composed of a series of regular symbols. Scatter features are used to distract your opponents and make them scatter, allowing you to get more hits in to the pot. If they scatter you will get more money!

The regular symbols of Charlie Chance In Hell to pay are triangles, circles, squares, and teardrops. These symbols are randomly placed on the playing area, but they are all consistent, so they are not going to be easily misaligned as you would have to hope if you were to win. Finally, there are a total of five scatter features on the playing field – these are all comprised of “C” shaped boxes. There are also a total of fifteen different symbols that can be used on the regular slots, and you can earn up to three coins by hitting these symbols.