Roulette vip

Roulette VIP – A Casino Online Game

When you are a fan of casino games, you may have heard of the Roulette VIP. The game offers a unique set of side bets that can increase your winnings. The outside bets in Roulette VIP include a column bet, a dozen bet, red, black, even, odd, and first-half-second-half bets. There are also a number of bonus bets available.

In Roulette VIP, players bet with high value chips in order to win the jackpot. It follows the same principles of a standard live casino game. Players try to predict the number of winning spins to win the jackpot. The game layout includes numbers from one to 36 in alternating colors of red, green, and black. To begin playing, players set the value of their bets and adjust the amount of each. Each click places one coin on the wheel. It is possible to place as many coins as you want, but you must keep in mind that you cannot bet more than the maximum amount of chips permitted by the casino.

There are many betting options in European Roulette VIP. The player first selects a bet value. Then, he or she clicks the table, revealing the wheel’s layout. The player can choose to double or un-do their bet. After placing a bet, the dealer will announce the winner. In the meantime, the software will pay out winning wagers to the players and claim the lost wagers as the house’s. Afterwards, players can choose to re-bet with the same stake as the previous one.