Sticky joker


Sticky Joker is the newest addition to the successful range of Joker games available from the site. The new game is quite easy, just match three icons across the five payline to win a normal win, but this s not the end. With a little practice, you can learn to make the big wins pay off big, while dealing with the odd loss.

The aim of Sticky Joker in the game is to stop the reels spinning, so that you can re-roll the yellow face to re-centre your bet. Once the reels spin, the jackpot is now worth whatever you paid out, and the game ends when there is no more money on the reels. The best thing about this game is that there are only two types of bets. A standard bet, and the “stuck” bet.

Standard bets are nothing more than a single unit in any denomination, whether that be coins or dollars. Sticky joker, and other variations of this casino slot machines game, encourage you to place large bets, often in the thousands. If you hit the pay line, you get a payout of whatever the number on the left of the reel is, up to a maximum of sixteen hundred dollars. If your bet reaches this amount, then your win is doubled, and your stake is also doubled.

Another way of winning with this game, is by aiming for the “low paying symbols”. On a typical run of three coins, and three red symbols on the payline, the chances of hitting the low paying symbols are slim. However, if you place your bet at evens, or bets equal to or less than one dollar, then you stand the best chance of hitting the jackpot. The jackpot is called the “burn” because it takes several minutes to add up to a respectable amount. It is worth noting, that although it is called the “burn”, you will only gain access to the “buy-in”, and not the bonus.

On a successful run of the video slot machine, you may well hit a luck element that will grant you access to the bonus, or even to the jackpot. In this instance, you have to hit three reels with a total of five paylines, or else you lose the bonus. If you hit the required number of reels without hitting a bonus icon, then you get to keep the jackpot.

The standard jackpot pays out in the form of dollars, much like the standard slots that you see in conventional casinos. The bonus pays out in the form of coins, much like the video slot machines that you would find. As you can see, it pays to know how to play sticky joker. To know the symbols, it pays to read labels and play the video slot machines in your local casinos.