Yggdrasil the tree of life

Yggdrasil the tree of lives is a video slot from Microgaming that evokes the mythology of the Norse people. This game is based on the ancient legend of the Tree of Life, which is said to connect different realms of the universe. This slot offers all-ways-pay gameplay, a soundtrack, and a game interface that is simple and enjoyable to use. The bonus games are particularly popular with many players and offer prizes fit for the gods.

Yggdrasil is known for providing high quality online casino games. In addition to having several local jackpots, the company offers two progressive jackpot slots. Players can win life-changing amounts through these progressive jackpots. These jackpots are connected to a network of operators, which means that a winner can win huge sums of money by playing these games. However, players should be aware that the Yggdrasil games are not available in every online casino.

The symbols on Yggdrasil the tree of the life slot represent different animals and characters. Birds, stags, racoons, and deer appear on the game’s reels. Several other creatures are also represented in the game. There are also a number of standard symbols in the game. Matching five of these symbols will win you a maximum payout of 500 coins. The lowest payout is 20 coins.

The Yggdrasil feature has three areas. Beginning with the Roots, the player will move on to the trunk and branches of the tree. During the Branches level, players can click on the ‘collect’ and ‘next’ buttons to reveal the next item in the game. This feature can be useful for players who are new to video games or are looking for a game with an exciting theme.