Top Reasons Why You Should Not Play Slots in Social Casinos

Through the years, slot games have come in different types, features, and platforms. From slot machines, slot enthusiasts can now play online video slots with various bonus features, reels, paylines, and themes.

Today, a new branch of online slots emerged called social slots. These slot games have earned widespread popularity in social media. They first appeared under Zynga Casino on Facebook. Unlike the original slot games, you won't win real money by playing social slots. You can only earn coins, which has no real value.

What's in it for social slot players? They can boast of their achievements and complete missions. It may seem disappointing if you have never tried social slots before, but there are more disadvantages to this type of casino game. Read on to find out the reasons to avoid social casino slots.

There Are No Opportunities to Earn Real Money

Casino games like slots drew attention among gamblers because of tons of opportunities to win massive prizes. There are also bonus features where you can win minor prizes depending on your bet size.

With social slots, there is no way to win real money or bonuses. You are just wasting your time buying items that have no real value.

Social Slots Are Not Entirely Free-to-Play Games

At some point in your game, you will likely encounter endless ads telling you to avail of their in-app purchases to unlock games and achievements. Sometimes, you can watch their ads in exchange for rewards and free games.

Although playing at social casinos can be free-of-charge, watching your friends earn achievements can force you to buy extra coins until it further adds up.

There Are No Rewards When Reloading Bonuses

Online casinos offer a variety of deposit bonuses once you reload your casino account. Other incentives include free money, bonus spins, and cashback.

On the other hand, reloading bonuses at social casinos does not involve free money or any sort. They will only give you more chances to play their games.

Bonuses and Jackpot Prizes Are Not Competitive Enough

Social slots have taken a cue from online casinos by offering jackpot prizes to their players. However, their rewards may not appear as real jackpots.

Winning jackpots at social casinos means you only get tokens to access their games continuously. Frankly, any prize you will find at social casinos has no real money value.

The only consolation you will get from playing social slots is entertainment. If you are a competitive player, you may like sharing your accomplishments with your friends. You may also invite them to play and show off your wins.

Although playing social slots can be fun-filled like online casinos, the only entertainment value you will get is bragging rights among your social media friends. However, spending money for the sake of showing off your in-game achievements is not even worth it. If you still plan on playing social slots, make sure that you won't risk too much money on this game.

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